Surface and finishes NATURAL DRY

This is one of our very special natural dry finishes.

This gives the flooring a unique appearance and special haptics

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Project in middle east

This is one of the many designs for this project;

this “tile” is about 2.1×2.4 m, the smallest about 1.7×1.0 m and something really special.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us directly or through the contact on this page

Refurbishment Project in Santander, Spain

This refurbishment took place in March 2020 where we had the chance to do this fit out with our customised floors, skirtings, dorrs and wall panels. We also implemented special wallpartitions matching the appearance and haptic of the surroundings.

A very nice combination of old and new

Patxi Tena

This week our partner Patxi Tena left us.
Appreciated by all, Patxi was a fundamental support in Azkue, from the beginning of Nueva Línea, to the recent stage of Surco Parquet. Read more

Project in Cognac, France

This photo is part of our project in Cognac, France, the 5* Chais Monnet Hotel.

For this project we developed special colors for the client and depending on the category of the room we provide them with boards, hungarian stick/chevron or other design. In addition to the hotel rooms, we also made the public spaces, such as the bar, smoking area, lobby area, etc.

picture ©Hotel Chais Monnet

Development & Innovation

We are developing a new type of endgrain pattern for various occasions.

With slightly bigger pieces in our panels. To install like a standard flooring or for usage as wallpanels